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Sunday, June 28, 2015

My secret private young bald mans story that will change your life

I believe, this story will change your life my young going bald friend. It is my very personal story and I will share it with only those young going bald guys who are very interested.

And I believe you are interested. You should be!

I believe this story will change your perspective and outlook on your going too young bald head. It is life changing to see things different in reality someone else is experiencing and transforming it to your own life.

And this story is life changin! Let’s dive in.

Very briefly about myself:

I am a bald man. I first time noticed my hair falling when I was 17 years old and I was completely bald by age 22. I am now 37. I have beautiful wife and 2 beautiful kids I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

I am the luckiest bald mother fucker out there!

But that doesn’t just happen. I realize that harder I work and smarter, the luckier I become.

But certainly, I didn’t feel like it when I was starting to loose hair. I was convinced, that my world is falling apart and I will be a bald looser forever.

It was terrible! And I am pretty certain you feel the same way now my young bald friend.

My personal young bald mans experience

This is my personal story and it is about narrative. That means it can change your perception on how you see your baldness.

It can inspire you to a very positive change and action. And most likely, you’re a guy that is young and maybe very young. As young as 14 years old who sees his hairline receding and loosing hair that will eventually lead to baldness.

Does this mean, that this the end of your attractive, successful life?

Does this mean that people, the most attractive people won’t find you attractive anymore? And you’ll will be only left to date the less attractive ones?

Does this mean, you’ll have to succumb to a life of mediocrity, hiding and feeling embarrassed about your bald head?

Does this mean, you’re going to be a looser forever?

Bald very young pain

Young men and even the older ones, me included in the past certainly were convinced that with baldness, attractive, successful life ends!

Attractive girls will find you suddenly unattractive! And that’s just a simple reality.


And here comes my story that will hopefully change your perspective on baldness forever my fellow young going bald too soon friend. And that’s exactly why I am sharing it.

My young bald mans life changing story

It was the late December of 2001 and I was at Liptovsky Jan, ski mountain resort in Low Tatras – beautiful Slovakian mountains on party/New Years celebration/skiing vacation with few of my friends.

We were 9 guys and four beautiful top Victoria secret kind of model like looking girls there. I was 22 at that time and I was the only bald guy in the group. And everybody else was in my age too.

And of course early baldness still bothered me. And it did bother me a lot! Especially seeing my friends with beautiful youthful hair with not even a smallest sign of them loosing it. Things like that really bother you when you’re that young! Whoever says they don’t, is lying.

Several months before this attractive inspiring young Bald Mans story of mine for you my going bald too young friend, I was in San Francisco, USA on a lets call it 1 year working and partying vacation with my friend.

Life was good! We worked hard! We were learning a lot! We were making some cash to cover our living and partying expenses. And most importantly we were having fun living in one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Life was fantastic!

And it all felt very good for Eastern European guy living fun life in the western world. I felt like I am on top of the world!

I had 2 jobs – moving furniture and bar tending several nights in an upscale restaurant. It was a lot hard work, but I loved every minute of it. Like I said before, beside looking into the mirror and seeing my almost completely bald head, I felt like I am living a dream!

Than my life fell apart! It came very unexpectedly and suddenly. Exactly like these things always do.

I was house sitting a house of my friend when the doorbell ringed at 11 PM. My friend entered the house and told me to sit down. I immediately felt that something is really wrong. Anyway, just to make long story short my heart was broken into many pieces that night and my life forever changed.

I discovered, that I lost my mother in an accident, the person I loved the most and that was the closest to me.

My living the dream in America ended overnight.

I still remember trying to get a fastest ticket back to Europe and I couldn’t buy that one that went through England, because of the visa conflict of Slovakia and England at that time.

I very quickly entered the worst times of my life! It was a huge jump from having a time of my life to the darkest period of my life in 30 seconds.

Eventually I got home very fast, few days after this heart braking discovery.

And life got really rough from then. Really, really rough!

Just to make long story short, I hit the lowest point of my life in the early fall of 2001 on the rainy November day in my brothers apartment starring into the mirror looking at my bald head, thinking about all the bad stuff that just happened. And I felt completely lost in the darkest darkness of my life.

You certainly heard that quote that says: “It is the darkest just before the dawn”. And it is a very true quote.

I hit the bottom and I kicked myself up from that bottom that evening as hard as I could.

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself!

I decided to grab my life into my hands and make it exactly how I wanted to have it. I literally changed overnight into a different person with a different mindset.

I realized at this time, that there is a lot of things I can control. A lot! And I can control them with my own effort!

The only thing I couldn’t control was my way too young bald head.

I contemplated all kinds of cover ups and cures, but ultimately decided to leave it alone and cut the hair short.

And I did. So my going bald too young friend, I understand your feelings about your balding head. I’ve been there. There are not that many options out there to control it.

And you want to desperately control it!

Entering the bullet proof mind

This was the time that taught me a lot about mindset and it’s effect on your life. I decided to have a positive, fail forward, growth mindset that will guide me on my way.

I decided to embark on the ultimate fitness journey and I have reached an incredible physical fitness soon after.

Most importantly, I found that with dedication I can overcome every obstacle staying in my way.

And by jumping through these often very high obstacles, I saw my overall confidence rising at an incredible rate.

One more thing I started noticing around this time in my life was, that the less seriously I took myself, the more attractive people find me to be.

I realized that, the bald head is not an obstacle to attractiveness of a young man. It could be an advantage of a young man. An advantage to be more attractive to the most attractive with just the attitude, confidence and overall perception of bald man himself.

I found also that, by being absolutely comfortable with myself being bald, people suddenly did find me very attractive.

Back to the story:

So here we are in a mountain cabin, skiing, having fun, enjoying New Years celebration carelessly like young people do.

And all of us 9 guys we were there being interested in these 4 beautiful girls that were there with us. And of course me too.

And off course, the girls knew it. They alway do!

With a risk of sounding like I am bragging again, all of top model like looking girls, only 2 of them actually being really a friend of mine, were showing pretty clear signs that they are actually interested in the only one guy in the cabin.

Yes, you guessed it right. It was the only bald guy. And yes, right again! It was me!

Take it however you want my fellow young bald friend, bragging or not bragging, it doesn’t matter.

The point here is that it can very realistically happen to you too!

I don’t see any reason why not!

Again, to make a long story a little shorter, this situation created little uncomfortable aura in the cabin. Rest of the guys being sort of jealous of the only bald man in the room. And certainly questioning themselves: Why a bald guy? Shouldn’t that be a turn off for beautiful girls like these?

The uncomfortable situation had a little impact on me too. Of course I was attracted to all these girls! I was young and single! They were all beautiful and I wanted them all! Seriously! And preferably all at the same time

But gentlemen in me decided to play it neutral. I didn’t want to let any of those four beauties know that I choosed the other one.

And seriously, I liked them all!

No, I didn’t really care about the guys left behind by girls! I actually really enjoyed that! I really enjoyed how confidence of these good looking young men with beautiful hair, many of them my friends, was shattered.

I simply enjoyed the glory moment of my bald heads triumph!

So, I decided to enjoy for the rest of our stay attention of each of these girls, flirting with each of them, and keeping them mystified which one I really like the most. Like I said, I wanted them all. But I knew that wouldn’t work. Actually, you never know until you try. But I didn’t

Eventually one of them made a move on me and I made a move on her too when the rest of girls didn’t see us, if you know what I mean.

No, nothing too serious happened.

Just some touches and kisses in a quick burst of emotion in the moment, that could have been much more. But it stayed there. And that’s how it is. And I guess, that’s how it should have end for the good of everyone involved.

The girl that made the move on me, and that I made a move on back ended up finishing as a runner up of national beauty competition in Slovakia – Miss Slovakia 2002. You can go ahead and google her if you want. I won’t tell you her name. It’s not that important. But if you really wish to, you can find out.

Perception of a beauty of a woman are very individual for every man. But a lot is written on Slovakia as a country being the country with the most beautiful women in the world.

So considering Slovakia having the most beautiful girls in the world and I believe it is the truth, I could have been quite arguably dating one of the most beautiful girls in the world at that time. She was clearly interested. And all that, as a very young bald man.

The reason I didn’t pursue this beauty were few. But the main one of them was also the fact, that my life was still sort of in a very much of a crisis dealing and chaos mode.

I basically did not even have a roof over my head. I was living out of my suitcase and surviving on my brothers and his wife’s apartment living rooms couch, barely hanging on to my last year of finishing college. And I planned my escape back to USA.

There was no time left for girls!

So why am I telling you this my fellow young Bald Man?

This is the true story I am telling here. I didn’t make up any of it. It’s the truth and only truth!

First of all, it’s the mindset

Us bald men out there, especially those very young ones tend to think that by being bald, people don’t find us attractive any more. Not even mentioning the most attractive ones.

So if you think like this and you probably do, well you are wrong! I had a chance to date virtually the one of the most beautiful woman in the world at that time. And, I was already bald.

So why not you? I don’t see any reason why not you!

Us bald men tend to fight baldness with every little bit of energy we have.

And sadly we always loose this war.

I was the only 22 years old guy between another 9 very good looking guys with beautiful hair trying to get the attention of these beautiful girls. And as you know from the story, I got it all.

So why not you? I don’t see any reason why not you my way too young going bald friend.

Us young bald man tend to get down on ourselves and feel lost, unattractive and sorry for ourselves.

Well, do you think I felt sorry for myself having all the attention and attraction of these exceptionally beautiful girls? Nope.

So why not you? I don’t see any reason why not you!

Control what you can control in your overall attractiveness young bald man!

And you can control a lot! And at the same time stop controlling the stuff that are out of your control, like your baldness.

Use that youthful abundant energy for the stuff you can control!

Stuff you can control my fellow young bald friend create the 99% of what makes man attractive.

And hair doesn’t belong to this category!!!

Was it an accident?

So was it an accident that winter of 2001 what happened to me as a very young bald man?

No it wasn’t!!! Not a chance! It actually happened to me many more times after in similar circumstances. Yes, when a beautiful woman prefers this young confident bald guy and not a beautiful man with hair.

And few particular things were responsible for me as a very young bald man being the most attractive to these most attractive girls. Most likely in the whole world!

I still today, 15 years later, live very attractive, successful life as a bald man. I now have a beautiful, intelligent wife that I love so much! And I seriously believe, that if early baldness didn’t happened to me I would still be a crowned looser!

Yes, you heard that right. My early baldness created fertile conditions for my confidence and personality I have now.

That of course makes me believe, that I wouldn’t met and marry my now beautiful wife and live great life like I do now.

It’s interesting what happens when you believe in yourself.

So, my way too young going bald friend, believe in yourself! And start doing that now!

Life dealt us a card of early baldness gentlemen. So why not take a fucking advantage of it?

All of the things, that make bald man attractive and successful are in your control my fellow young going bald friend. Let’s briefly look into them.

What makes young Bald Man attractive:

First of all, and I don’t want to sound shallow here, I was by far the fittest guy in the group.

Yes my young bald friend, physical fitness matters! And it matters a lot! Don’t underestimate it.

The great thing is, that you are most likely very young man. So, getting very physically fit should not be such a big problem for you. It actually should be your priority!

So, no excuses, get very physically fit. Period!

Second, with better physical fitness, great confidence comes.

And with conquered difficult goals and overcomed obstacles together with great physical fitness, buletproof confidence comes eventually.

And people gravitate to the most confident. Bulletproof confidence is very attractive thing to possess.

An lets just say, that I had quite a lot of it in my early 20ties.

Being bald young and confident is very rare to see on a young bald man. But a confidence backed up by action is I repeat, very, very attractive on a young balding man!

Confidence can be cultivated. And I urge you to cultivate it!

Third, from my early youth, my mother, and I thank her very much for it, instilled in me to never underestimate people. To never make fun of people. To never judge people. To always genuinely love people. And to never ever offend a woman.

My mother made me a true gentlemen. Thank you very much for that mom!

And guess what? Being gentleman is very attractive! And also, it’s a very rare trait to possess these days. And it’s learnable and acquireable. So work on it intensively my young going bald friend!

I also didn’t take myself too seriously and I could make fun of myself. My bald head included very easily without shame.

Why being too serious? Life is way too short for that!

That is also a sign of confidence. It is a kind of thing unheard at the age of 22. So, work on that one too my fellow bald friend.

Young men tend to take themselves way too seriously. Don’t! It’s not very attractive. Even though you think it might be.

Become bold bald man!

I was and still em a bold bald guy.

I knew what I wanted from life very early. And I went for it!

And that gave me a bright light on the road! So every action I took was fast and bold, even though I hit many rocks on the way and failed a lot.

Trust me, people find that very attractive.

Bold, decisive, unafraid people are attractive!

Timidity is a fucking turn off! Remember it and work on it my fellow young going bald man. And be bold decisive young bald man from today!

Know what you want! And go for it very aggressively!

Don’t make girls your priority

Girls were not my priority!

I had a lot of cool hobbies and my time was filled with fun activities. I was still a competitive rower at that time and I loved every second of it. Girls were much lover on my priority list.

No, I don’t want to brag about how fun I was to be around. No!

I want you my going bald way too young friend to make sure you fill your days doing something you truly love to do.

Make sure you have plenty of fun in your days!

Make sure, you have interesting things to do and places to go to in your free time!

If you don’t, create it! Be creative! Work on yourself! Enrich yourself! Learn new stuff! And put girls on the bottom of your priority list. Because that’s where they really belong at this stage of your life.

Make sure you are developing yourself! And don’t waist your time!

Off course, what happens next, people notice. The most attractive girls notice. And it actually attracts them! And it can be acquired quite easily.

Simple rule of thumb is: Don’t make girls your priority!

Is it really the hair?

Yes I was a very different young man in the group of young men that time in the winter of 2001.

Yes I was the only one bald. And yes, everybody saw it.

But let’s just say that, that was the only attractiveness advantage the rest of the guys had over me. And I don’t want to sound like it really was a competition for girls there. But, you as a very young man knows, that it really is.

I was young and skiing was fun. Being around my buddies was fun. Off course it was and it was great!

But when pretty girls are around, young men change. It becomes a competition for their attention. Isn’t that truth?

And even though, girls were not my priority and they were on the bottom of my list, I was still attracted to them. And the rest of the guys were attracted to them too.

So the rest of the lets say attractive abilities I had at that time and I still have them were way overweighting my lack of hair.

And since than I started calling it a 1% rule.

That stands for: 1% of what makes you attractive is a hair you have on top of your head.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I will let you decide which stands better for you there. Majority of men out there only have this 1% of overall attractiveness going for them - their hair!

The rest 99% percent is what makes man really attractive.

But, the rest of the men are most likely to be fatsos, dress like slobs, behave like stupid idiots, to not have goals, they are not ambitious and so on. I am sure you get the picture.

So, not surprisingly women don't find them attractive!

All that good stuff that make men attractive is in our control. And that takes work. But it is ultimately in every mans control. But 99% of men will not choose to control it. They gave up before they even started.

But not you!

You'll grab this opportunity and run with it young going bald man!

Here is where your opportunity lies my fellow going bald way too young friend.

The question is: Are you going to put the effort in? The answer doesn't really matter. What matters is that, if you really want to you really can!

And let me just add my line here: You fucking have to!

It's so worth it! Life is way to short not to! So get to work and stop being lazy!

Besides hair, I was way, way ahead in overall attractiveness of the rest of the beautiful guys with hair in our group. So naturally I rised as a cream rises to the top.

And the most attractive girls, all of them. and very possibly the second most attractive girl of the world at that time was very, very, very attracted to me - A Very Young Bald Man.

This story of mine my fellow very young and going bald man can really change your life.

And that’s my intention here. Now you as a bald guy can see from my true experience that with baldness your attractive, successful life does not end.

It can really just begin!

If you let it to begin of course!

But it is ultimately in your power young going bald man!


You are right now standing on the crossroad of 2 possible roads my fellow going bald way too young man.

The fist one is unfortunately the one majority of young bald men chose. And it is to fight their baldness.

To go into the war with their hair loss.

And unfortunately it usually just waists the energy that could be used more productively. It should be used toward overall attractiveness and success in life.

It leads you to an unattractive, low self confidence living, less bold, and daring life.

And the saddest part is, that you’re most likely to never win this war against baldness.

This senseless, worthless war is lost before it even starts.

The second road is the one I have chosen.

And from the depth of my heart I wish you will chose too. It’s the road to becoming and staying forever an Attractive, Successful Bald Man.

The road on which you control things you can control to achieve overall success and attractiveness in life.

And by now you know you can control a lot!

99% of what makes man and off course very young bald man too, very attractive is in his control. It takes effort. Of course it does. Everything valuable in life does. But it’s an effort well worth taking.

So make sure you choose the right road my fellow young bald or going bald man.

I will end this story for you young going bald man with my quote:

“99% of what separates successfull attractive winners from unatractive losers lyes in persistent effort, boldness, hard work, confidence and stamina. Is the missing 1% in having hair? No! It’s the luck stupid”!

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