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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Secret Formula for Bald Mans Attractive Successful Life

Secret formula for Bald Mans Attractive Successful life

Control only what you can control, and you can control a lot!

Concentrate your emotional and physical energy on important stuff

Starting a war against your hair loss is unproductive waist of your precious time and energy, that can be put to a much better use (nobody ever won that war)

99% of what makes man attractive is acquired by himself and his effort (having hair doesn't belong to this category)

You can find all of it bellow

Get and stay very physically fit

Strength train regularly and intensively

Do fun skillful cardiovascular activities - games and outdoors activities regularly (examples - tennis, soccer, beach volleyball, skying, surfing, hiking, swimming, bicycling and others)

Eat only unprocessed free of flour, sugar and chemicals diet consistently

Gain abundant energy and bulletproof self confidence

It comes automatically with better physical fitness and perfect diet

Cultivate further your self confidence by applying growth mindset to failure and pursuing your goals

Gain capacity to learn more and become automatically more intelligent

Fitter you are, more intelligent you become and you gain more capacity to learn

With self confidence you approach problems with boldness and action - and that's where the genius lies

Cut your hair very short - 1-7 mm or shave it

You are fit, strong, bold and self confident = baldness is your advantage!

Have style

Dress well

Dress right

Be adventurous in dressing

Apply smart unprotected sun exposure

Get natural dose of health promoting vitamin D

Gain and maintain healthy darker skin color

Be ambitious

Don't follow the masses

Start your own business

Never stop learning

Dream big

Have discipline to follow up with your goals until completion

Apply fun soft art of seduction

Be gentlemen

Don't be boring = be interesting

Be bold and decisive

Let them do the talking

Don't let people get comfortable with you/file you as a boring person

Terrorize your environment with positive unexpected actions

Don't take yourself too seriously

Make fun of yourself vigorously

Make fun of your bald head vigorously

Become irresistibly Attractive Successful Bald Man

Get date with anyone you want

Attract the most attractive

Attract quality life partners

Live happy, healthy, attractive, rich life

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