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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How To Shave Bikini Line

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Our guide on how to shave your bikini line will help you get a smooth, close shave while avoiding irritation, nicks and ingrown hairs.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 -20 minutes to shave bikini line

Here's How:

  1. Choose your shaving cream or gel wisely. What you use to lather up with has as much on the outcome of your shave as your razor, and is especially important in this sensitive area. Using a regular bar of soap is definitely out. The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream for Women (compare prices) is phenomenal for getting a smooth shave, moisturizing skin and preventing ingrown hairs. For men, I would recommendBrave Shave, originally created for male body shaving.
  2. Don’t skimp on your razor. Stay clear of the straight, cheap disposables or you'll be asking for cuts and nicks. Instead use a razor with a pivoting head and multiple blades to give you a smooth, close shave. My pick for the ladies is Schick Quattro for women (compare prices).
  3. Give a haircut. If you’ve never shaved your bikini line, or haven’t in a while, it’s good to trim it down as short as possible. You can do that by placing a comb flat on the skin and trim overcomb with scissors, or with clippers using the shortest guard. The less hair you start out with means less use of your razor, and leads to less clogging of the blade. Trimming down the hair you’re not going to shave shorter helps it to look more groomed, and prevents hair from popping out of your bathing suit or panties.
  4. Take a warm shower or bath. At least 10 minutes of the heat will soften skin and relax thehair follicle.
  5. Exfoliate. Rid dead skin cells and provide a closer shave by using a mild exfoliator or your favorite body wash with an Ayate washcloth (compare prices) on your bikini line.
  6. Dab on some shaving oil. Working as a barrier on your skin, the razor will glide easier instead of dragging and moisturize skin. It also helps prevent razor burn, general irritation and ingrown hair, all big offenders in the bikini zone.
  7. Apply shaving cream or gel. Make sure skin is damp but not overly wet. If you have ashaving brush, work the product with the brush in circles to help lift hair and get a closer shave.
  8. Shave. Using a fresh blade, using firm but not excessive pressure, go first in the same direction of hair growth, and then in opposite direction while holding skin taut. Don't go over the same area too many times.
  9. Rinse. In between strokes, be sure to rinse blade. A clogged razor won’t work well.
  10. Cleanse. Rinse area and pat dry with towel.
  11. Moisturize. Apply a light lotion. You don’t want anything too thick so as to clog the hair follicle. But something light will help hydrate the skin and make it look more soft and smooth.
  12. Fight redness. Apply a product like Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum (buy direct) to help with bumps, redness and ingrown hairs.


  • Wearing high-cut underwear trim the hair very short that is going to be shaved following the panty line. When shaving, follow the area where trimmed to get even lines.
  • Shaving while taking a shower, rather than a bath can make things easier because you can prop up legs on side of stall for better reach.
  • Keep all products on the outside of your body only.
  • If you’re daring, you can try making shaved designs or add some color.
  • Shaving is only temporary, to get longer lasting results (up to six weeks) try a bikini wax.

What You Need:

  • Comb and scissors or clippers
  • New pivoting razor with multiples blades
  • Shaving cream or gel
  • Shaving oil
  • Shaving brush (optional)
  • Light, unscented lotion unscented lotion

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