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Sunday, June 28, 2015

17 things young going bald man should know

I wish somebody told me these few golden nuggets when I was the young going bald man. But there was nobody and I had to figure it out on my own. These few things made a huge difference on my overall life. And I want you to know them my fellow young going bald too soon friend.

All I want from you, is to promise me, you’ll follow them. They’ll make a huge difference on your overall attractive, successful life. Let’s dive right into it!

Ignore everybody

People, especially those with higher authority will try to sell you their agenda. And others, your peers will try to bring you down. It’s your job to not let them. You have to adopt sort of a fuck off attitude right away. If you don’t let anybody who is trying to hurt you, to invade your space, you’ll be fine.

This is however not very easy thing to do. And it is because your mind wants to fit in. You want to be part of the group. And that’s ok, unless the group is trying to bring you down. And at 17 that’s pretty common. Don’t let them!

And guess what happens when you stay calm and don’t let anybody hurt you with their jokes and remarks about your baldness. Fuck them! And than, make sure you stay happy, healthy, and have fun.

What actually happens is, that these insecure peers of yours, and yes they are all insecure will start admiring your own fuckyouitiveness. Don’t ask me why is that. It’s kind of a perverse young human nature.

It is not easy to do, but if you pull this one off, you’ll save your own sanity. You’ll survive this difficult period of life happy and you’ll turn up as an overall winner. Guaranteed!

It is incredibly admiring seeing the young 17 year old kid that is going bald and being able to keep his sanity and stay as I am known to say, covered in sheet metal and not letting anybody make him feel bad. It’s seriously worth working on my fellow young going bald man.

Cover yourself with sheet metal and ignore them! You’re are the most important person in your life! Remind that to yourself often!

High school is just a short miserable joke!

That’s exactly what it is! And your job as a young balding guy is to get through it sane. Life gets much better after it. I hated my high school. But I didn’t let that brake my enthusiasm for life and success.

And all the teachers, there were actually only 2 that would pick on me are a complete losers now. That’s what usually happens with people who try to bring you down. Your peers and schoolmates included.

Just survive the high school. It will be over soon!

Lift weights

Lifting weights makes you automatically more confident as a man. And I don’t care how bald you are. You need every little extra confidence you can get.

Lifting weights will form great looking athletic, strong body that is crucial for not only your health, but also for you ultimate success and attractiveness in life.

Lifting weights will make people respect you more. Guaranteed!

Lifting weights will make you more aggressive on the road to pursuing your goal.

And yes, it is much easier to adopt that very important fuck you attitude toward the people that are trying to bring you down as a young bald man. There you have it Successful Attractive Bald Man in making. If that’s not enough to convince you to lift weights I don’t know what will.

I used to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise when I was 17. And surely, if I could turn back time I would spend much more time lifting weights. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Play sports

Playing sports not only makes you fitter and healthier, it also develops competitiveness in you. And with that being actually able to compete.

Now, if you’re in high school, and you don’t have the physical abilities to join a sports team, don’t despair. Start lifting weights, get stronger, get fitter and join a wrestling team, or tennis team, or soccer team. More sports you play the better. You’ll learn new skill and you’ll find a joy in competitiveness.

And guess who is really running the world. Yes, very competitive people.

Eat healthy diet

Your energy and how you feel matters. And it matters a lot! If your diet is healthy and free of processed foods, you’ll feel better. You’ll be more confident. You’ll perform better. Your energy levels will be very high! That’s very important thing to possess.

Also, when you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap. Guaranteed! Don’t get into this self destructive habit.

My very basic rules to rock my day as a high energy achiever is to not eat any additional sugar and flour in my diet. That simple rule will cut out all the crap from your diet. And when you do that, sky is the limit in everything you want to achieve!

Learn everything you can about healthy diet. Your life seriously depends on it!

Do not make girls your priority

It’s easy to stress about the girls and them not being interested in you when you’re 17. I will give you one big advice that actually I managed to apply since very young age. And that proved to be a life saver. I had shit going for me. I was a member of rowing club and I wanted to win medals. I had a guitar and I couldn’t wait until I get home from school to play. This was my priority. And girls were secondary.

What might very likely happen is, that the girls will start being interested in you more, when they see you don’t find them important now. And you have places to go and things to do. It did happen to me! All of them wanted me, because I simply ignored them. Hmm, Funny games we can play with each other at 17.

I will go as far as to say, you should start creating your own business at this age too. That too can make girls less important in your life. And you’ll use that youthful abundant energy to a great use that will pay of hugely later in life when everybody else, who paid too much attention to girls and didn’t use his energy wisely will be schlepping 9-5 job in some faceless evil corporation.

Not you! You were smarter. And guess who will the girls be interested in than? Yes, that’s going to be you my young going bald friend.

And eventually you’ll become every pretty, intelligent woman a priority!

Don’t waist your time

Time is by far your most precious resource you have! Now you have a lot of it, you’re young. So you tend to not value it as much. Stop that!

This is a huge sin almost every teenager including me when I was 17 commit. I would watch a lot of TV. I would play computer games. I would wallow in feeling sorry for myself for stupid things like being bald, not having a better car and so on. I would waist my evenings and night going out to drink beer with my buddies.

I slept until 2 PM on weekends. No kidding! I really did. I still remember my father just peaking into the room on Sunday morning at 1:30 PM and checking if I am still alive.

All that was huge waste of time. If I could turn back time and tell my 17 year old Milan one thing, it would be to use my time wisely! Create something of value for yourself and others. Seriously do that instead!

When we are 17, time seems to be abundant. There is time for everything! And killing it seems like a right thing to do. Stop that! Time is incredibly valuable! Especially at this age when you can kick start a lot of things that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Stop waisting your time on these worthless activities! Wake up at 6 AM or better 5 AM everyday. Have already list of things to do for the day. And work the list. Complete it every day.

Some of the activities and goals you should be spending your time everyday at 17 are: Working out and building great athletic muscular body. You should actively learn languages.

You should be working on your business now and saving money for your traveling later.

You should play competitive sports. Pick up cool outdoors activity like surfing or summiting,

You should learn about investing in young age. Your freedom and sanity seriously depends on it. Plus, the time you want to tell your boss to take a hike is coming. Trust me on that. And it’s way easier to do that if you have some money in your bank.

If you manage to do all that, there won’t be time for TV or video games. And you’ll be on the right tract to become successful, attractive bad man that people admire.

Please, please, please, don’t waste your precious time. Now you know it. Do something about it!

Don’t go to college unless you plan emigrating

My college which was just the party place and overall big joke, where I never really learned anything gave me one important thing – visa to USA. Yes, my degree, the paper I had to show American authorities and convince them, that I am valuable and they have a reason to give me my – H1B visas. And I am thankful for that. All that partying really paid off

How about knowledge? I already knew everything I learned there. My major was Exercise Science – Kinesiology and I was a competitive rower way before I entered college. So I pretty much knew about human body and it’s performance. And this college didn’t give me anything else, just lots of party time, I could also do without it.

Colleges are expensive and they’ll put you in debt. And the environment can also be damaging for bald young man. Not as bad as high school, but still. Instead save that money, stay debt free, go travel and start your own business. That’s the best college education you can really get.

If you have mommy and daddy paying for your school, make sure you pick some real major like engineering or if your calling is to become a doctor go study to be a doctor. And don’t tell me you want to be a lawyer. In my opinion that’s just the worst occupation you can really have. Yak!

Anyway, chose if you want to waste your time and money going to college very carefully.

Develop great work ethic

Earlier you do this the better. Otherwise you might set yourself for a life of laziness. Great things in life are accomplished with hard work. And 17 year olds don’t pay much attention to hard work. They don’t care about it.

But you must care about it my 17 year old going bald friend. If you develop great work ethic now, it will serve you for the rest of your life.

You’ll get ahead of your peers. You’ll succeed in life and accomplish anything you really want. With that your confidence skyrockets and with that your overall attractiveness skyrockets too.

It’s a snowball you don’t want to start rolling too late in life. Because, well it might be too late than.

Develop work ethic early and achieve anything you want in life! And that achieve even more than that.

Don’t listen to your family

Your family will try to make you do things that are in their agenda. Don’t listen. I was lucky in this matter. My father primarily didn’t care much and my mother always told me to do whatever I wanted as long as I am happy. I I am thankful for to them both.

Well, this kind of family dynamics are rare! Usually it’s the kids following the parents who are cutting the bushes in front of them. Don’t listen.

Follow your own dreams and goals not your parents dreams and goals. It’s your life after all.

And don’t worry, if they are worth it, they will love you anyway!

You have a great future

When you are 17 and you’re already going bald, it seems like your life will forever suck. Nothing can be far from the truth! Your life will be exactly as you’ll make it to be.

Some of the most successful and attractive men out there in real world are bald. And if you don’t lose your own self respect and work hard, you can join them anytime.

I am 37 now and when I look at my peers, it’s a very sad view. Majority of guys at my age are already overweight, slouching, dressing sloppily, sad, unhappy with their life’s and tired. There is something that makes men to just give up after they turn 30 or so.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. I am fitter than I’ve ever been, I have a lot of energy, I feel great, my business is taking off. And women are googling me all the time. That’s my bragging moment. Thank you very much!

I wander why they’re not looking at the fat, tired slouched guys with a beautiful hair. Oh yes. That’s why. Don’t let that happen to you and great future lies ahead of you young going bald way too soon man.

Learn about money/freedom relationship

Yes my young bald friend, money is freedom. Money in the bank will give you more self confidence. You don’t need much, but you need some. So make sure you start saving your money now.

I wish somebody taught me this lesson much sooner in my life. If I were you I would really listen now!

Some money in the bank will give you some room to move. I also call having some money in your bank the fuck you money. What does that mean?

First, it gives you more confidence, that whatever happens in your life, you have some cash to survive for a while. It also increases your potential. You don’t have to run around like a shot duck to chase every dollar to survive. You choose what to do. And that’s huge!

Fuck you money can be a great tool to face your boss when he calls you to the room for little chit chat.

Or when you’re asking for a raise. Your boss can simply smell on you if you’re desperate or not.

What do you think happens when you young bald guy eventually have to face your boss with his request for you to come and work on weekend?

Like, Johnny why don’t you come to work on Saturday? Well guess what? When he smells no extra cash and desperation, he will tell you what to do, he will deny anything you requested and on top of it all, he will laugh leaving the room. How confidence damaging that is? Hugely!

Successful Attractive Young Bald Man, please prepare for this situation early and you will save your own face an sanity. I know it doesn’t seem very important now, but you’ll get there. I am 37 now, I have 2 young kinds, but shall the confrontation with my boss happen, the fuck you money is there! Don’t underestimate it young bald man. Make sure you have some of it parked there!

Stay away from debt

This advice is closely related to the previous one. Having too much debt in your life makes you a slave. And guess what? Slaves were not very successful and confident people.

I know the urge is too high. You want that new car. You want to move out of your parents house ASAP. You want to go to that all inclusive luxury vacation with all that booze included with your buddies. But I say don’t! It’s time to sacrifice a little for a better future!

Trust me young bald man! Keep your finances in order from early age. You’ll thank me for it later!

Move and live in a different country – preferably with surfing spot walking distance from your place

The best decision I ever did in my life by far is to leave my homeland – Slovakia for a different country – USA. Was it scary! You bet it was! But this simple decision to pack my 2 hockey bags with the most precious things for me and leave without return ticked proved to be, yes I said that before – the best decision of my life so far!

And I would recommend you to do the same. Soon after you turn 18, you should go and travel. And preferably pick a place with some attractive surfing spot, like in Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and others. Find a job and live there for awhile. It will prove to be an invaluable experience for you.

You’ll learn a new language.

You’ll learn how to take care of yourself.

You’ll have some serious fun and you’ll create memories for a lifetime.

You’ll return home as a different person.

And last but not least, this intensive and valuable experience will make you completely forget that you’re actually going bald and you’ll start respecting yourself much more. Yes it takes some trying. But you can do it. A lot of others did it before you.

It will be your best time spend ever.

Now, I stayed in USA . And if you are for complete relocation, go for it. But it is not necessary to stay. Just make yourself to stay for a year and see what happens. My guess is, it will be lots of fun and very hard to leave.

Now keep that in mind young going bald man and as soon as you get a chance, make it happen. Go, move to a different country and reap all those beautiful benefits that come with it.

Be proud who you are

We are all different. And we are all unique. And you have to find a way and sooner the better, to respect yourself and make yourself proud of who you are. How do you do that?

You do things in life that are hard. You do things that are scary. And yes, it’s ok to be afraid. But you do them anyway. What kind of things do I mean here?

Moving and living in different country, while your pears stay home in their parents basements and play computer games and smoke pot.

Starting your own business and not relaying on anybody else to hold your destiny.

Staying super fit while everybody else is lazy getting comfortable and fat. And so on.

Reading books and constantly learning new things, while everybody else is just stuck with outdated knowledge, they learned in college.

Anyway, if you manage to do and accomplish things that are hard, you’ll become proud of who you are. And that will serve you very well in life.

Be bold

You want a simple formula for wild success? Enter the action with boldness!

Yes the old fashioned boldness always works. Timidity is for losers!

And you young man are in the age when almost everybody is timid. Now the sooner you can brake that unappealing timid nature and become bold, the better.

Boldness is a true genius! Boldness gets things done! Boldness always wins! I repeat: Timidity is for losers! Don’t be a looser!

Does that mean that you’re going to succeed all the time? No!

You’re going to fail and fail hard from time to time. But you’re going to succeed very often too. Because, you’re going to try more things, your heart longs for. You’re going to approach situations with boldness! And that automatically means that you’ll ultimately win!

If I wasn’t bold in my life, I would be still a looser. I would never move and live in different country. I would never marry my wife. And boy, she’s a catch! I would never have my 2 beautiful kids. I would never have my successful business. I repeat, I would still be a looser I was when I was 19 or 23.

You, my 17 year young and going bald friend, please don’t wait that long. Become bold now!

Work on it! Enter action with boldness!

Fail, yes fail, fail and fail some more. But also succeed, succeed, wildly succeed!

I really mean it. Be bold. The boldest you can be!

My favorite quote ever spoken is from J.W. Von Goethe and it says: “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has a genius and power and magic in it”! I will just add: Amen!

And if you’re are not sure if you want to approach the situation with boldness, than read the next most important step.

Trust yourself and everything you do will be right – live life with no regrets!

I was given this advice when I was 23 and I hit the very bottom of my life. I didn’t know what to do. My world fell apart. I felt like a looser who doesn’t know what to do. My confidence was really shattered. I was a looser and I felt like a looser.

Than I read this very simple quote.

And it stuck in my mind.

If there is any mantra I live my life by, it is this one:

Trust yourself and whatever you’ll do will be right! And live with no regrets!

So from that moment I started believing in myself more. I made a lot of mistakes on the way, but I would always tell myself that, it was the right thing to do.

I started trusting myself with everything I was doing. Do the same!

This simple mantra will make a huge difference on your overall life, confidence and success my fellow young and going bald way too early friend.

Start truly trusting yourself and go rock the world! Because if you really do believe in yourself, you’ll really rock it.

And start right now and here!

Trust me and make yourself trust too, that every young and going bald man, you included can be successful and attractive man in this world. Because it really, really is truth!

A little note about living with no regrets:

You are 17 now or somewhere around there. It doesn’t matter. And you think you’ll be young forever. I urge you to do a little exercise my young going bald friend. Let’s say you’ll live until you’re 93. Now bear with me. 93 – 17 = 76 years. And that might seem a lot. So let’s say you have 76 yeas left on this planet. Now multiply it by 365. You’ll come to the number 27 740 days. Now, this is the amount of days you have left.

It doesn’t seem that many anymore. Doesn’t it? Yes, days fly fast. So where am I heading with this?

So let’s say you’re lucky and you really have these many days left. Now remember this formula. And always remind it to yourself whenever you’re playing too small and safe. You’re already naked my friend. We all are. Nobody comes out of this alive.

So go, live with no regrets!

Rock the world as a successful attractive bald man!

Now, apply these lessons in your life! You already know more than I did when I was 17. So you’re far more ahead of me! Go! Start living bold attractive successful life as a bald man now!

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