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Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to become bald attractive man

These few following articles are for those bald man out there who think that because of their baldness, they can’t become attractive. If you think this is truth, you are wrong! You can actually become very attractive if you really want to.

I originally developed this program – How to be bald attractive man with six pack abs on my main site. But it got so popular that I decided to devote the whole website to bald attraction, because I strongly believe bald men can become the most attractive men in the world. But many of them just suffer by being bald. It’s time to get over your baldness and see it as advantage.

Are you a bald man? Does it bother you? Can you still be attractive when bald?

For some reason many bald men don’t think, that they still can be very attractive if bald. This bothers me greatly. And that’s why i decided to write on this topic just a little bit. Bald men get depressed. They get overly concerned about their looks. Their self-confidence drops and their life’s are consumed by what ifs. How would it be if I only had a hair. Would people find me more attractive? Yes they would! They tell themselves and since, there is nothing to do to change their bald heads, they suffer. But they suffer for no reason.

Let me just give you a little hint in here in the beginning. It’s time to change this wrongful thinking. Why? People can smell it from miles away, that you suffer by being bold. That you hate that about yourself. And, that’s my bald fellow sufferer, the most unattractive think you possess. No, it is not the baldness, it is your attitude toward that baldness. Stop that right now! Walk straight, be confident, stop caring about your bald head! Seriously, stop it now! It’s beating you to the ground and you are doing it to yourself. It’s time to think differently and become confident about your bald head.

You are an attractive bald man

Countless studies show, that baldness is not in the way to be attractive. Hey, the most attractive men in the world are bald! Kelly Slater for example. And yes I am a surfer too. The pro surfer maybe doesn’t seem attractive to you, but he dated some of the most attractive women in the world. Does it bother him, that he is bald? Not at all! He will tell you too that, what makes bald man unattractive is actually the fact that it bothers them, that they are bald.

I can confirm that. I talked to many very attractive women and men and I asked them if baldness is unattractive to them. They said: not at all. And what they also said, and I am going to skip little ahead here, is that the most unattractive think on bald men is their big gut, low self confidence and harry back.

Well I can imagine every man, not only bald men being pretty unattractive possessing the combination of those three. But it doesn’t have anything to do with your bald head. People don’t even see it. Yes, they see your gut and they will certainly judge you for it, but they don’t mind your nicely cut down bald cute head.

You can always shave your back, get in the perfect shape, improve self confidence and with few other steps we will talk about later become irresistibly attractive!

My personal story

I shared this story on a front page of this website. So if you already read this, go ahead and skip this part. Or, if you enjoyed it, go ahead and read it again.

I noticed my hair starting thinning when I was 21 years old. By the time I was 25, I was completely bald. To tell you the truth, it did bother me for a while, since it just seemed kind of too early to be bald. And I would suffer by it. I would stare into the mirror and I would hate my bald head. Than shortly after, some very turbulent times in my life started.

I loosed a family member, came back from America to finish college. I didn’t really have a place to stay and in order to finish my school and survive, I had to put things in proper perspective. Let’s just say, that life wasn’t an easy walk in the park for me that time. I stopped overnight stressing about my bald head. There wasn’t simply a time to think about it. I cut it short and forgot about it over night. I was busy just surviving. I didn’t even have time to look in the mirror at all. And I had a lot of them in my apartment.

It actually makes wanders when you have to deal with many different, often unpleasant things in your life. You stop carrying about your bald head and start carrying about more pressing, more important things. You have to act, finish, move, take care of things. One after another and they keep coming. Crisis after crisis.

At this time I was becoming increasingly confident seeing what I can actually handle. I think this was the base of my overall self confidence increase over time. At this time I went little overboard with my confidence, absolutely loosing a respect for authority that got me in few troubles in school and on the road with couple police officers. Of course with happy ending:)

This period of my life made me totally forget, that I am actually bald. And it also taught me important lesson. If you don’t want things to completely fold and fall on your head, you have to concentrate your engines in the right direction. So again, I cut my little left hear very short, I wrote few mantras on one big paper. No, you don’t want to know the mantras I wrote. There were a lot of F… off, kind of things written on it. Than I got my things together, stand straight and confident and started dealing with pressing needs in sort of a cocky way. And it worked.

If everything is working in your life and things go great. You have comfortable lifestyle, plenty of time off, lots of money, everybody is beautiful and happy in it and it’s easy to stress about your baldness.

I don’t personally want you to bring your life totally out of whack to forget about your baldness and move on. Even do, it really worked for me. But let’s just say mildly, that you might be having too much time on your plate and life is probably pretty comfortable and good. Good for you! There is nothing wrong with that. We all strive for that. But, I can tell you, that little bit, or a lot of hardship can point your mind in a pretty good direction.

In this period of time, when I stopped stressing about my bald head, I started intensive exercise program to keep my body in perfect physical shape and I adjusted my diet. Subsequently my energy levels skyrocketed. With that my overall self confidence increased. I completely even forgot that I am bald. You would seriously have to remind me that I am actually a bald man. I got so fit, calm and confident, that I actually became kind of cocky, ruth, fearless and often offensive. I am not proud of this period of my life. But looking back, it was a beginning of forming my personality that I like today.

Baldness is attractive

Interestingly, I would date very attractive women at this time, that didn’t really seemed to care, that I am bald. Why was that? Was it my fitness level? Or was it my confidence? I certainly had a lot of it. Up to kind of an unhealthy levels. Maybe a short hair cut?

No, it was a combination of things, that made me realize, that even if you are bald and totally ugly in you face, you can still be a very attractive man. I had women asking me for a date and I had to turn many of them down. Isn’t that suppose to be the opposite way? I am not bragging about this. I am just trying to tell you, that I was bald, still am, I am not that great looking in my face either. So what is it, that beautiful, intelligent women and men find attractive on me and soon will on you?

I know exactly what it is. And I will be writing about it in my next chapters. Until than, you bald ugly hidden beauty, stop stressing and suffering because you are bald. There is a hope. There is actually a very big chance, you can become very, very, very attractive man. Are you ready to change your life?

It takes work to become bald and attractive

To be bald and still be very attractive takes work. Yes, you are going to have to work at it you potentially very attractive bald man. Are you willing to? I hope you are! Being bald and fat is a not very good combination. And I can tell you right now, that you won’t become attractive bald man without becoming insanely fit. Yes guys, I am sorry. We, bald men have to work very hard to become and stay attractive. But, once we accept it and do the work necessary, we can triumph even those most attractive men with bunch of hair on their heads in overall attractiveness.

I also want to point right here in the beginning, that becoming bald and attractive man is not only about fitness. It’s about combination of things I will write about. Yes overall fitness and of course six pack abs play a huge roll in it, but it takes more than that. Stay tuned and get ready to become an attractive bald man forever.

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