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Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to become bald attractive man – get in perfect shape

You are potentially very attractive bald man

This post about how to be bald attractive man is originally published on my personal website. But after getting a lot of positive feedback about it, I decided to create new website that I fully dedicate to this topic.

I visited a party of a very attractive friend of mine recently. Somewhere in the middle of the party this beautiful girl came to me and said to me: listen Milan, you look seriously hot! You are incredibly fit! You simply seem very hot. I was blown away by this. I repeat, I am not trying to brag about this. I am not a womanizer. I am happily married and I don’t have need to attract hot women anymore. I am just trying to prove my point, that this things happen to men that are bald. And yes, I am bald and attractive man! And they can be happening to you too if you are willing to put some (a lot) of work to it.

I didn’t particularly feel hot. I don’t even think I am attractive, yet the most attractive girl on the party, where there are many more fit good looking men tells me, I am hot. I thanked her and seriously felt pretty good the whole day about it. Again, I don’t think about myself, that I am hot or attractive or handsome. And you shouldn’t too. That’s part of being attractive. That you are not self centered and full of yourself. But, yes, these things happen to bald men. And you are the next attractive bald men out there. Yes it takes some work. I won’t lie to you. So let’s talk about that work now.

Perfect shape and bald head = perfect combination

Are you bald? And you want to be attractive? Get insanely fit! Yes, however shallow it might sound, physical appearance, strength, lean muscular body matters in being attractive. And it matters a lot!

If you are bald and want to be attractive, get on top of your physical fitness fast. Bald and very fit men are very attractive. Plus, with great fitness come many more advantages than just being attractive. You will become healthier, you will have more energy, your sex life will improve, you will be able to prevent many kinds of scary diseases and you’ll become more relaxed and happier in your life. Those are all pretty attractive things to have.

Are you sold on becoming insanely fit? I hope you are, because there is no way around it. If you want to become bald and attractive man, physical fitness maters a lot! Don’t forget that, ever.

Strength training

Let me state this right in the beginning. You will have to learn how to strength train. Never held a dumbbell in your hand? That’s ok. Time to start. It’s never too late and it will make a huge difference in your overall fitness and attractiveness.

Pick up couple of books on weight training and start learning. Or just get on my simple program of how to achieve six pack abs.

I don’t think it is very difficult, but I have been strength training my whole life. You don’t need to be strength training your whole life to become fit, but you need to learn how to do it. You can actually get fit quite fast.

In 4 to 6 months you can see serious results. Anyway, realize, that getting nice and muscular body takes some time and learning. So hire a personal trainer for few sessions to design you a plan and explain the strength training technique, or just start doing it slowly. But never stop learning. Read fitness magazines, fitness blogs and books and learn. But don’t forget to act on your growing knowledge. Action is everything and action starts now, not tomorrow.

A core of my physical fitness in my world and it should be in yours is strength training. No, it is not cardiovascular exercise, like most people will tell you. While cardiovascular exercise has it’s place in overall fitness, strength training is way more important. And I will explain why in a little while. Strength training has far bigger impact on our lean muscular bodies than cardiovascular exercise. To become bald and attractive man, you have to get used to regular strength training exercise. Period!

You don’t need to become an expert right away. And if you are a beginner, you need to start slowly. Very slowly to prevent injuries. Injury can really slow you down on the road to becoming bald and attractive man. You need to prevent them at all costs.

If you are already familiar with strength training and you have been doing it for a while, great! You are either already pretty fit or you don’t seem to be getting results you want from it. Don’t despair. I will explain how to get the most out of your strength training.

And maybe you are a beginner, who is just starting with strength training. In that case, congratulation! You just discovered the holly grail of perfect health and shape. Of course only if your diet is in good shape as well.

So, for those who know the basics and more than that about strength training, start becoming very consistent at your workouts. By consistent I mean, you will keep showing up no matter what to your strength training sessions. if you know that you are not that great at it, hire a personal trainer or figure out how to become consistent. You will not get in great shape without being consistent.

Do strength training 2 nonconsecutive times per week and exercise all muscle parts.

Yes, you just need 2 days for strength training. Why two days? I wrote about it in my previous articles, but basically you need to train each muscle part 2 days per week to maintain progress. But, you also need enough time to let your muscles recover. That’s why combination of these days to do strength training is the best:

Mondays and Thursdays

Tuesdays and Fridays

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Sundays and Wednesdays

Pick your days and get going. Why combination of these days is the best? You need at least 2 days for your trained muscle to recover, but not more than 3 days between. Your muscles need another workout no more than 3 days after the last one. Otherwise they start getting weaker. And later the other workout comes, the more sore you’ll become.

Also, when you apply 2 strength training workouts in two consecutive days like for example Monday and Tuesday or Saturday and Sunday, your muscle won’t have time to recover and than you won’t use them for next 5 days. That’s the wrong way of scheduling your strength training in your week.

My strength training workout days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And it works beautifully. My strength is still increasing and I don’t have to be afraid to push myself very hard. And that brigs us to another important factor for the success in your strength training program – intensity

Bald attractive man like intensity

We will talk more about intensity in next how to become bald and attractive man article. But to become bald and attractive man, you need to do not only strength training, you need to do intensive strength training. Everything you do needs to be done with certain intensity. That’s the holly grail together with consistency of succeeding at anything and everything. Including strength training progress.

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