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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bikini shave tips summer

Skin is in this summer. So get ready for teeny bikinis and short minis with a close, smooth shave.

Flaunt Irresistibly Soft, Smooth Legs

1. Hop in the bath or shower before you shave. Hair that’s hydrated with warm water is up to 60 percent easier to cut. But don’t soak too long. After 15 or 20 minutes, water causes your skin to wrinkle and swell slightly, which makes it harder to get a close shave.

2. Wash your legs to remove any natural oils or perspiration. Lather up with a moisture-rich shave gel, like Satin Care Dry Skin formula shave gel, to help keep water in the hair and ensure the razor glides easily over skin. Don’t rely on soap—it may clog the razor or cause dry, flaky skin.

3. Choose the Venus razor that’s right for you. Venus has plenty of refillable and disposable razors that can help any woman get a perfect shave. Check out the Venus Product Finder to find your perfect match.

4. Shave with a fresh blade to get a close, comfortable shave without cuts or irritation. Replace your blade at the first sign of dullness or discomfort. A good rule of thumb is to replace blades after 5 – 10 shaves.

5. Use a light touch, with little pressure, and shave in the direction that feels most comfortable. For the closest shave, shave against the hair growth.

6. The backs of knees and thighs, and areas like ankles, where the bone is close to the skin’s surface, are trickier to shave. But all Venus razors feature a pivoting oval-shaped cartridge that maximizes maneuverability in and around these hard-to-reach spots.

7. It’s also important to keep skin hydrated and glowing. After shaving, apply a moisture-rich lotion. Then show off those smooth, radiant legs.

Get a beach-worthy bikini shave

1. Shave

Shaving skin in the bikini area calls for a little TLC. So before you start, exfoliate and then rinse to prevent any unwanted ingrown hairs. This removes the top layer of dry, dead skin and helps you get the close (and carefree) shave that you want. Then, soften bikini hair by soaking it in warm water, and use a top-of-the-line razor, like the Venus Embrace razor with a protective Ribbon of Moisture. And remember to use a moisture-rich shave gel, like Satin Care Sensitive Skin, to make sure that your razor glides over the area. Next, hold skin taut to create a level surface. Venus razors have specially designed handles that provide ultimate control, for those tricky spots around the bikini area. Keep in mind, when the coarser hairs of the bikini area are re-growing, they can sometimes curl under the skin’s surface and cause itchy, red razor bumps. Avoid those unwanted bumps and burns by shaving regularly, and remember to use gentle strokes in the direction that’s most comfortable.

2. Trim

After shaving, rinse with cool water to close pores. And no need to pat dry—wet hair is actually preferred because it’s softer and easier to trim. (FYI: Most trimmers can be used with wet or dry hair, so it’s your call.) Try using the Venus Bikini Trimmer; it’s preferred over scissors . Use the trimmer just like you would a razor; guide it gently over hair to trim to the length you want.

3. Hydrate

It’s always important to moisturize. So don’t forget to use lotion before you get dressed.

Feel confident with smooth underarms

The direction of hair growth and moisture content of the skin under your arms differs from legs—not to mention the difference in hair texture and square inches to be shaved. Follow these tips to maintain smooth, hair-free underarms.

1. Wash underarms with soap and warm water to remove razor-clogging oils, as well as antiperspirant and deodorant residue.

2. Apply a shave gel, like Satin Care Cooling Sensation.

3. Lift your arm high and straight above your head while shaving, so you can make sure to remove any stubborn little hairs.

4. Underarm hair grows in different directions, so shave from all angles—up, down and sideways—to ensure a close, smooth shave.

5. Rinse with cool water to close pores and pat dry.

6. If you have sensitive skin, wait several minutes before applying antiperspirant or deodorant to freshly shaved underarms.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shaving your underarms more frequently than your legs. Underarm hair grows almost 50% faster than the hair on your legs. Shave daily for a fresh, clean feeling.

Show off summer style and sun-kissed skin

Okay, you’ve mastered the perfect shave. Now remember to protect your skin, and look your best no matter where the warm weather takes you.


It’s best to apply it at home or in the bathroom, before putting on the swimsuit—that way you won’t miss any spots (like that tiny line at the edge of the swimsuit). Give yourself about 20 minutes before going out in the sun, so the sunscreen has time to fully absorb into your skin. Look for brands with titanium dioxide and Mexoryl in them—these ingredients help protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours—depending upon your activity, you may have to reapply more or less.


Bigger is better (and stylish too). Sunglasses and a hat help protect your face and neck when relaxing on the beach—no need to worry about catching rays of sunshine in those areas; you get plenty during your daily activities. And since sun damage leads to skin aging (like wrinkles, dark blotches and sun spots), this protection will keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.


Keeping your body hydrated is just as important as keeping your skin hydrated. And it’s healthy. Sometimes, on a really hot day, you can get dehydrated without even realizing it. So get in the habit of carrying a bottle of water on you at all times.


A gradual, natural-looking glow is in. Try a salon spray, sunless bronzer or a daily self-tanning moisturizer. Before you apply any self-tanner, make sure you exfoliate your skin, shave with your favorite Venus razor, and wash with a loofah for a flawless, even look. Smooth skin leads to even color, since there are no dry patches to soak up the extra color.


Shorts have made a major comeback (though last year’s mini dresses are still fashionable)! Embrace the trend with dramatically smooth skin by using a Venus razor designed just for women. An irresistibly smooth shave will give you the confidence you need to wear everything from short shorts to Bermudas. High waist and short length is in—so show off every inch of your sexy, smooth legs this summer.


Don’t be intimidated…false eyelashes add a “wow” factor to simple summer makeup. And when those beautiful legs get his attention—get ready to bat those eyelashes.

Feel like a Goddess anytime

No matter your summer style, a close shave will help flaunt your smooth, sun-kissed summer skin. Don’t save your Goddess mentality just for summer. Use Venus razors all year long for soft, smooth skin—and reveal the Goddess in you, every season.


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