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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Cooler weather calls for special attention. Here’s our best advice for smooth, radiant legs.

01 Up close with fall fashion

This fall, tights, leggings and skinny jeans are in—but don’t skip your shaving routine just because your legs are covered. These close-fitting trends make it even more important to keep your skin smooth and hydrated to prevent itchy, dry skin or chafing. Try a shave gel like Satin Care and a Venus Embrace razor that has a Ribbon of Moisture to keep your legs looking—and feeling—their best.

02 Get dazzling legs for the holiday season

Be the star of the season’s soiree with impeccably smooth, beautiful legs. Try the five-bladed Venus Embrace for a women’s razor that reaches all your curves and tricky spots, and then finish with a light dusting of body bronzer for instant radiance.

03 Ring in the New Year with a brand new smooth

Hey Goddess! Want a New Year’s resolution you can keep? Ditch the burn, bumps and stubble. Our Venus Product Finder matches you up with the right tool for smooth legs based on a few quick questions.

04 Smooth legs for winter

Mini-skirts may not be part of your winter wardrobe, but smooth legs are in style year-round. Remember that regular shaving helps keep skin beautiful and exfoliated. Using a shave gel like Satin Care instead of soap or water will help protect against nicks and cuts . Pair it with the Venus Embrace razor, with a Ribbon of Moisture, for a close, curve-hugging shave that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. And be sure to use a body lotion right after your shower to help lock in moisture.

05 Wind chill factor: Winter shaving tips

Defend legs against extreme weather with a smooth shave and a shave gel, like Satin Care with a Touch of Olay, to help lock in moisture . The Venus Embrace razor includes five blades plus a protective Ribbon of Moisture to soothe skin as you shave. Help fight dry, scaly legs brought on by sub-zero temps with a shave gel like Satin Care Dry Skin Formula. Finish with an ultra-emollient moisturizer.

06 On-the-go smooth: Shaving on vacation

From the weird lighting and unfamiliar conditions of hotels to the close quarters and rushed routines of a family or group vacation, shaving on the go can be tricky. Get a great, close shave anywhere with the Venus Breeze razor, an ultra-handy choice with shave gel bars built right in. For another option, try Venus Disposable razors—just slip an extra one in your travel kit so you can get a close shave anywhere, anytime.

07 Bikini beautiful all year

Since bikini area hairs are naturally coarser, soak hair in warm water and try a shave gel, like Satin Care Sensitive Skin. Hold skin taut so that it's level—like the skin on your legs. First shave in the direction of hair growth to shorten, then against the grain for extra closeness. Rinse the area in cool water to close pores—and moisturize.

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