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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


01 Shave gel: A smooth beauty must

Along with a Venus razor, shave gel is the secret to a smooth shave. It contains lubricants, which help the razor glide over your skin. Want a comfortable shave?Satin Care shave gel lubricates to provide a cushion of protection as you shave.

02 One razor, head to toe

Keep your shaving routine simple with a single razor. Just remember that underarm hair and bikini area hair grow in different directions. In those areas, try shaving from all three angles—up, down and sideways—for a smooth shave.

03 Removing facial hair

While there's technically nothing wrong with shaving facial hair (guys do it all the time!), most women prefer methods that allow for more control when it comes to hair removal for eyebrows and upper lip—like waxing, tweezing and depilatories.

04 The scoop on other hair removal methods

When it comes to the task of hair removal, the options are numerous. Here are a few:
Waxing: Long-lasting (but can be messy) and on some women, may leave skin irritated—ouch!
Electric (dry) shaving: Easy to do at home, but may not give as smooth a shave as wet shaving, and razor maintenance is critical.
Depilatories: Fast and easy, but tend to have an unpleasant odor and can potentially irritate skin.
Epilators: Stubble required—long-lasting results may vary.
Electrolysis: Permanent hair removal has a hefty price tag requiring a skilled professional.
Wet shaving: Inexpensive, convenient, quick and safe with a quality razor.05
Smooth sailing: Navigating the tough spots.

We’ve all done it—nicked a knee or ankle while shaving. The secret to getting a close shave in those tricky spots? First, choose a high-quality women’s razor, designed especially for your curves—like theVenus Embrace razor. Once you’ve chosen your razor, let these areas soak up as much shave gel as possible. Take it slowly, using short strokes, and don’t put too much pressure on your razor for an ouch-free, smooth shave.

06 Say no to nicks & cuts

Many of these discomforts are caused by old, dull blades or slippage. Using a premium razor like the Venus Embrace women's razor with its SoftGrip handle and 5 blades for outstanding closeness can help prevent nicks and cuts and give you a close shave. While shaving, remember to use vertical strokes rather than horizontal. And for balance, try putting your foot on an edge of the tub with a washcloth underneath. It will help you stand your ground while shaving.

07 You choose: Refillable vs. disposable

A refillable Venus razor lets you try out all of the different blades Venus has to offer. Venus Refillable razors also provide a comfortable SoftGrip handle which really lasts—great for the eco-conscious shaver. On the other hand, Venus Disposable razors offer use-and-toss convenience for a fresh razor blade in an instant.
Looking for your perfect razor match? Check out ourVenus Product Finder.

08 Best of the best: The 5-blade advantage

The more blades, the more hairs get cut. And of course, that means a smooth shave. The Venus Embrace razor is the first women’s shaving system to feature five blades that individually adjust to your natural curves. Want soft and satiny smooth skin? Check out Satin Care Alluring Avocado shave gel for an amazingly comfortable shave you’ll love.

09 Shave to the knee—or above?

This is a personal choice. Shaving does not make hair grow back thicker, darker or faster, but it will grow back, so you’ll need to keep shaving your thighs once you start to keep them smooth. Think about what feels right for you and your beauty routine.

10 Blade-changing basics

While there's no set rule, you should replace razor blades at the first sign of dullness or discomfort. For most women this is after about 5 – 10 shaves. Venus razors have interchangeable razor blade refill cartridges that fit all Venus razor handles, so you can even try a different type of blade on your current Venus razor.

11 Workout buddy: Shaving at the gym

You spend countless hours working your quads and calves, so finish off refining your best assets with an ultra-sexy and smooth shave. Slip a Venus Breeze razor, the 2-in-1 ultra-convenient women’s razor with built-in shave gel bars, into your gym bag. It’s a quick and easy solution to show off your beautiful legs after a hard workout and get heads turning.

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