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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How To Shave Legs With An Electric Shaver

Having unwanted hair on your legs can be frustrating. While you can use a razor to get smooth legs, it increases the risk of nicks and cuts. This will make your legs look less appealing than you anticipated and with all the nicks and cuts, everyone around you will know you have just shaved your legs. So what alternative do you have? Have you thought of using a top electric shaver?

Why Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver can get rid of unsightly hair from your legs. While you may not get a close shave, at least you wouldn’t be risking your legs to razor burns, cuts and bumps. Of course, you would have to shave your legs more often if you use an electric shaver, but this little sacrifice is more than sufficient to have smooth, cut-free legs.

Electric shavers come in two types – dry shaver and wet shaver. Each type adopts a different shaving method. Knowing how to use your shaver correctly will help you get those smooth legs you have always been yearning for.

How to Dry Shave Your Legs with Electric Shaver?

Prep the Skin: Before you start using the shaver, it is necessary to prepare your legs for the shave. Clean the skin using a gentle, moisturizing soap and warm water and a soft wash-cloth. The soap will ensure there are no soapy residues left on your legs. Soak the washcloth in the warm water, squeeze out the excess and gently rub your legs. Start from your ankles and move upwards. The warm water and against-the-grain rubbing will help to soften the hair and make them stand up, so that you can shave your legs easily.

Towel Dry: After prepping your legs, dry them using a clean towel. Make sure you use an upward motion while rubbing your legs dry.

Shave: Switch on the electric shaver and first shave one leg. Start from the ankle and move upwards. Make sure you shave against the growth of the hair. Use circular motions and apply gentle pressure while gradually moving the shaver head towards the thigh. Make sure you do not focus on one area too long.

Final Touches: After you finish shaving your legs, soothe the skin by applying a skin lotion. It will prevent your skin from reddening or feeling rough.
How to Wet Shave Your Legs with an Electric Shaver?

Prepare Your Legs: Stand in a warm shower and use a washcloth and mild soap to wash your legs. Rinse the soap thoroughly. Do not dry your legs.

Apply Shaving Gel: Cover the leg with shaving gel and switch on your electric shaver.

Shaving the Leg: Start from your ankles and move towards your thigh, using gentle circular motions. Make sure the shaver head is rotated against the grain of the hair. If necessary, put more shaving gel on your leg, as you move the shaver towards your thigh.

Rinse Your Leg: After you are satisfied that you have removed all the unwanted hair from your leg, rinse your leg with warm (lukewarm) water. Pat your leg gently with a soft towel. Do not rub, as it will irritate your skin.

Soothe Your Leg: Slather on some moisturizer to hydrate the skin. It also will soothe the skin.

Things to Remember

Whether you are using a dry or wet electric shaver, it is important you clean the shaver head after each use. Typically, electric shavers have detachable heads that can be removed and cleaned using a small brush. A paintbrush is ideal for cleaning the head and removing the hair from it.

Never rub oil on your legs before using an electric shaver. It will cause the shaver to clog up with hair, resulting in damage.

Closing Note

Should you decide to purchase a shaver, bear in mind there are plenty of shavers for women in the market today, so read our Top 5 ratings Page to ensure you make an informed choice.

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