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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


01 Shaving legs for a look you can cheer about

Flaunt fierce attitude with amazing legs. Short on time before the big game? No worries. Venus Malibu Disposable razors combine exceptional performance with ultra convenience and a fresh-scented handle that’s fun and totally you. Perfect for keeping your legs at their best on and off the field.

02 Tips for talking to mom

Be honest! We know it can be hard to talk to parents about anything, but you'd be surprised at how supportive they can be. Try something like "Mom, I feel uncomfortable about the hair on my legs and I'd like to try shaving. I'd love your help getting started."

03 A razor to call your own

Sharing razors, even with family members, is not hygienic. Your mom can help you find the right razor and even show you how to shave your legs—ever notice how moms love to give advice?

04 Find the perfect razor

Your personality and your beauty routine are some factors that can help you decide the best women’s razor for you. Check out our cool Venus Product Finder to match you up with the right tool for the job.

05 Tips for the first time

Use a new razor. Wash your legs and underarms to remove oil and perspiration. Lather up with a shave gel like Satin Care before shaving to ensure the razor glides easily over skin. Shave gel also helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved to avoid missing any spots. For maximum comfort, use a light touch and shave in the direction of hair growth to shorten hairs and then against the grain to get the closest results.

06 Shaving your legs: How far to go

Some girls shave to just above the knee; some shave their thighs, too. If your hair is fine and pale, you may not want to bother with the added step of shaving your thighs. There's no wrong way for shaving legs—just decide what feels right for you.

07 How often should I shave?

Shave as often as you need to—some women shave every day and some only twice a week. It’s about what feels right for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful. For example, you may shave your bikini line more regularly during swimsuit season. Venus razors give you an incredibly close shave, so you can flaunt a smooth, perfect shave no matter what your routine is.

08 Shaving your underarms

First, wash to remove any traces of deodorant. Apply Satin Care shave gel to help protect skin against nicks and cuts. Then raise your arm and touch the back of your neck—this helps to keep your underarm flat and easier to shave. Underarm hair can grow in all directions, so shave up, down and sideways to get the closest shave. Wait a few minutes before applying deodorant to avoid irritation from your antiperspirant.

09 The best time of day to shave

Morning, noon or night is fine—just remember to soak in a warm bath or shower for a few minutes to help soften the hair, making it easier to cut. After you're done, use an alcohol-free lotion to help lock in moisture.

10 Handling peer pressure to shave

Don't stress. Like wearing makeup or following fashion trends, shaving is a personal decision and trusting your instincts is the best way to go. Body hair is normal and healthy, but shaving your underarms can help reduce bacteria that may lead to odor. Many women feel that shaving gives an added boost of confidence, while feeling fresh and feminine.

11 Holding a razor

Venus razors are specially designed for a woman’s curves—from the oval-shaped cartridge to the SoftGrip handles. So you get excellent control, stability and maneuverability. How to shave: Place your index finger on the finger rest and grip the handle firmly, holding the razor at a slight angle above your skin. Press lightly and let the blades do their work.

12 The right age to shave

Some girls start shaving at 13, some at 16—and some not ever. Chances are, if you’re self-conscious about the hair on your legs, you might want to start. But before you do, talk to your mom or big sister first. They’ll be more than happy to help you get started with a few shaving tips.

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