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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to trim your beard effectively

How to trim your beard ?

Trimming a beard appears like some simple task. That is: just finding a trimmer, you pick length, and then you trim off the overgrowth. However, when you need your beard to look maintained well, you will have to put an extra thought in the process. You don’t need to treat your face as if it’s a lawn but a garden. You should prune and carefully cultivate it. The following are some rules when you need to trim your beard.


You take a wide-tooth comb and then brush the beard against the grain so as to lift out of its usual fault. This is going to provide you with the most even trim as well as stop the hair from growing in different directions.

Finding the Edge

Beards are not faultless. This is evidenced by those few follicles which normally grow outside the face forest, usually somewhere above your cheek line on your neck’s side. They are removed easily using a simple cartridge razor-This should be dry when you’re not sensitive- or shaping tool in your trimmer. However, keeping your cheeks clean should not imply creating some fake line. This is unless the beard is growing above the mustache. When the face begins sprouting fur, you should visit a barber and have him locate a line suiting your face. Or else, you will need to allow the beard define itself.

Trimming sideburns

How far up that you decide to go is going to depend on yourself. However, you should remember not to use the ears as a level. Majority of people’s ears are not even thus using them as measurement is going to make your facial air to reflect that. It’s recommended that you should take a step back and try matching your sideburns up as best as possible through eyeballing it in the mirror.
Dealing with your neck

Well, there exist two schools of thoughts as far as dealing with the neck is concerned. These are going natural against creating a border. However, either way, neck air should not be treated similarly as what is on your face. It’s not advised creating face lines that may appear unnatural and uneven. But when you need keeping the neck clean and tight for work, it is best to have somebody try to find a line. It is nearly not possible making a clean and symmetrical line yourself.

The all-natural shape is considerably easier. When you follow this advice, you may even get away with it even in those more conservative offices. You should shorten the guard on the trimmer by a single or two levels for the neck, and just under your jaw. You should think of it as beard fade. It’s going to make you appear more sophisticated and generally define your neck better.

Finishing Strong

When you are finished, you should rinse your face so that the loose hairs do not end up on the shirt, or even in your breakfast. When you have some more time, then conditioning or adding some beard oil is normally recommended.

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